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Please note that we may ask you to
show your ID card if you are over20 years of age or older.         
Thank you for your understanding.

Please feel free to ask about
products not displayed for sale by
the glass, some of which are
available for tasting.

Chinese rice wine made by Mr. Zhang
21 amino acids for beauty and health!
Ideal for small banquets and family gatherings
Gold Award for Merchandise
Drinking and driving, as well as drinking
by persons under 20 years of age, is prohibited by law.

※Koyue Longshan Zen Brewing Shaoxing Liquor with cola, ice and

※Please ask us about the stock of the jar series in each case.

Roshu Roukou, a long-established brand of
white liquor established in 1573

※It is said that a distilled spirit similar to shochu appeared in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, mainly in Siam (equivalent to present-day Thailand) around the 11th century, and came to Japan from Thailand to China and Ryukyu in the mid-14th century.  

Wines from various countries are available.
Please ask our staff for brands and prices.

※Please note that we do not offer Chinese plum pits, dried plums, or tangerine peels as part of the Shaoxing wine set, and that beer and soft drinks are only available in bottles. We recommend Shaoxing wine, white rice wine, and shochu to be served straight at room temperature, but please ask us to serve them on the rocks or with hot water. We do not have a bottle keeping system, but please consult with us if you wish to keep the bottle.


KAIXINGUO original breakfast menu
Select one of each type

pickled mustard mustard, ham mustard, tofu milk
Chinese pickles, Chinese pickles, Chinese cabbage, tofu

century egg,salted egg,Tea egg,preserved egg
salted egg, seasoned egg

tofu soup,Century egg and pork congee
Make Pumpkin and Millet Congee,Fluffy tofu
peanut rice porridge, pumpkin millet congee

Chinese fried dough・fried egg rice cake
Crispy Sesame Scallion Crepe・Spring roll

Meat Bun,Vegetable bun,Red bean bun

White rice and shark fin soup (with Chinese pickles)


※10:00〜Reservations accepted,Registration ends when seats are filled.
KAIXINGUO original lunch menu

・You can put as much as you want on a plate at once.
・Please refrain from taking them home.

鸡排割包套餐(Arrangement of explosives・send 1 bottle of beverage)
Two large Chinese fried chicken, two pieces of Chinese bread
Three sauces (sweet sauce, mayo lemon sauce, chili sauce),today's
Chinese vegetable of the day (lettuce, green onion, cucumber, Chinese herbs, etc...)
Chinese fries, and your choice of soft drink. Chinese fries and your choice of soft drink

Traditional Mapo Tofu Set Meal
(Rice OR Steamed Buns OR Pancakes, Vermicelli Soup with Pickled Vegetables)
Delicious spicy hot bean paste with rice or today's Chinese bread
Chinese vermicelli soup with pickled Chinese cabbage
※Free Rice Refill
※Soup is subject to change depending
on store conditions.
Thank you for your understanding.

Everyone loves this Tohoku home-style dish!
Potatoes, green peppers and eggplants are
stir-fried with sweet and spicy sauce.
Three kinds of vegetables are called "treasures of the earth".
※Please note that dishes are subject to change depending on restaurant conditions.Thank you for your understanding.

Chicken thigh and egg in shoyu sauce.
※Meat portions are subject to change depending on restaurant conditions. Please understand.
※Please note that dishes are subject to change depending on restaurant conditions. Please understand.

free refills of rice ※Only for those who order a meal
Today's Chinese buns, Chinese breads and crepes
old wine and Shaoxing wine
※Please feel free to ask us about different types of sake depending on the day.

熱々東北水餃子鍋 Hot Northeast Dumpling Pot(shrimp& Pork)
前菜 Hors d'oeuvres/Szechuan pickles・Fried Chinese cabbage
Shredded dried tofu salad・etc...daily special
特製タレ三種付 With 3 kinds of special sauce
中華春雨 Chinese glass noodles/After eating the dumplings, boil them in a pot.
中華野菜盛り Chinese vegetables all in one dish
点心付き Spring roll・Taiwan fried chicken・etc...daily special
デザート付き Dessert/Turtle jelly・Almond Jerry・etc...daily special
お茶ポット1つ OneTea pot/(2 glasses)or 2cups Hot Coffee
※Please ask our staff to add hot water.

Taiwan Awkeotsung jelly、Hong Kong Turtle Jelly
Black sweet dumplings、Brown sugar tapioca
Brown sugar syrup、Fresh cream
Pistachio ice cream、Crushed pistachios
Kosyo Sesame dumplings donut

Taiwan Awkeotsung jelly、Almond Jerry
White sweet dumplings、Tapioca coconut milk、Fresh cream
Pistachio ice cream、Crushed pistachios
Kosyo Sesame dumplings donut

Addictive Chinese herbal flavor too healthy
It's addictive! Sweet red bean soup with various ingredients
Famous delicious jelly without any peculiarities
A new sensation that overturns the image of Almond Jerry
※Produced under the supervision of Chung Wah Street Shanghai Restaurant.

Pretty icing decoration on Almond cookies
※HARU Icing Cookie Chinatown Original

Delicious sesame dumpling donuts made with rice flour
※Popular donut store OZ collaboration project Chinatown original

Cute apricot cookies for souvenirs

Chinatown Original
Kosyo Sesame dumplings donut souvenirs
Reproduction of sesame dumplings from a popular
long-established store in the form of doughnuts

Open 24 hours Yokohama Chinatown kaixinguo about【F


凉拌木耳黄瓜 Cloud ear mushroom&cucumber mixed salad

※Original recipe using Yaosheigo Chinese pickles from Yokohama Chinatown Yaosheigo.

涼拌干豆腐絲 Shredded pressed tofu cold dish

毛豆 Fried green soybeans & Chinese cabbage

四川夫妻肺片 Chilled hormone with spicy sauce
※It is said to have been invented by Guo Chaohua and Zhang Tianzheng, a street vendor couple in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, in the 1930s. Various internal organs such as cow lungs, stomach, and heart are boiled in a spiced broth, then cooled and sliced into thin slices, often topped with a delicious hot sauce made from chili oil, pepper, and other spices, to which beef is added.

興昌烧卖 Steamed meat dumpling(Shumai)
Original fried rice from Yokohama Chinatown's long-established restaurant, KOSHOUs.

三種烧卖 3 types Steamed meat dumpling(Shumai)
※Subject to change according to the day

煎餅果子 ※It is different from the morning Kaixin Gua menu in that it is seasoned with snacks. The Kai Shin Kwai Original Night is served with Chinese sausage, vegetables, fried bread, Chinese pickles, and cheese with black pepper.

炒青菜 ※Subject to change according to the day
Revival of the first menu supervised by "Xing Chang" in Yokohama Chinatown

肉粽子 Handmade Braised Pork Belly

冬菇肉包 Shiitake mushroom steamed bun

The original chashu-don! Chashu-don at Yokohama Chinatown's
long-established restaurant "Kosho", the originator of chashu-don!

興昌叉烧饭 Bowl of rice topped with
boiled pork and vegetables

金陵叉烧饭 When it comes to grilled food, Yokohama Chinatown's long-established "Kinryo Chashu-don of
Bowl of rice topped with
boiled pork and vegetables

米饭和汤 White rice, shark fin soup and Chinese pickles
※I recommend the rice set with pita bean curd and rice to finish off your meal!

※If you order noodles to finish, please ask before 8:00 p.m.

Chinatown souvenirs on sale
(Sundries and Sweets)
Magic Performance
Fortune-telling(Arithmetic・Palm reading・Tarot)

※For more information, please click here「占いについて」▼